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The table below lists all of the main numbers for each office.

Full County Directory

Department Department Head Phone Number
Assessment Pending 217-348-0508
Circuit Clerk Melissa Hurst 217-348-0516
Circuit Judges Lori Pearson 217-348-0538
Coroner Ed Schniers 217-234-2222
County Board Lisa McMichaels 217-348-0595
County Clerk Julie Coe 217-348-0501
Emergency Management Services Jim Hilgenburg 217-348-0581
Highway Department Rick Johnson 217-348-0527
Jury Commission Stacy Madlem 217-348-0540
Law Enforcement Training Brad Oyer 217-345-3344
Probation Pam Kelly 217-348-0535
Public Health Gloria Spear 217-348-0530
Regional Planning Kelly Lockhart 217-348-0521
Sheriff's Department Kent Martin 217-348-7332
State's Attorney Jesse Danley 217-348-0561
Treasurer George Edwards 217-348-0511