Secretary Dispatcher

Coles County Council on Aging, Inc.

Job Descriptions

  1. POSITION TITLE: Dial-a-Ride Secretary Dispatcher

  2. POSITION SUMMARY: With the final authority resting with the Coles County Council on Aging, Inc. and under the direct supervision of the Executive Director, Administrative Director and Operations Director, the Secretary Dispatcher will be responsible for the daily routing/dispatching functions of the program as well as the required secretarial functions.

*The CCCoA has determined that this position is a Safety Sensitive position.

*The CCCoA has determined that this position is a "non-exempt" position (must be paid time and one half for pre-approved overtime.)

*The CCCoA has determined that this position does require a pre-employment physical examination with satisfactory results (in accordance with the relevant funding sources).

*The CCCoA has determined that this position can be considered for light duty restriction based on the nature of the job requirements and the employee's medical status.


  1. Scheduling demand-response and/or subscription trips for registered riders via the telephone or in person in a courteous, business-like manner that insures the timely delivery of riders to their destination with the least inconvenience possible and in the most efficient manner available

  2. Preparing schedules/routing forms in a timely manner

  3. Routing scheduled trips both subscription and demand/response through the Econlane software to provide a minimum of inconvenience to the rider

  4. Scheduling vehicles and utilizing drivers in the most efficient manner possible so as to maximize the vehicles' and drivers' productivity and minimize operation costs

  5. Dispatching to drivers in the most time-efficient manner and following all radio procedures, and regulating all conversation over the radio to insure the minimum possible use of the air wave, and by not using any vulgar, profane or obscene language over the radio in conversation with riders or others

  6. Coordinating activities in conjunction with the Administrative Director and Operations Director in any emergency situation by advising the driver to the extent feasible of how to proceed and contacting the proper authorities to insure their quick response; contacting the requested persons for any rider involved in an emergency and maintaining radio contact with the drivers to the extent possible

  7. Attending all required staff training sessions

  8. Adhering to all CCCoA Transportation Policies and Procedures as well as all other relevant agency policies

  9. Performing relevant secretarial functions such as typing reports, grants, and maintaining all client files, rider history files

  10. Updating rider files annually or as requested

  11. Assisting Administrative Director and Operations Director with preparing monthly, quarterly and annual reports

  12. Performing other duties as deemed necessary by the Executive Director, Administrative Director or Operations Director


  14. Criminal Background Record Check with satisfactory results

  15. Be age 21 or over

  16. Drug and alcohol testing, when required, with acceptable results

  17. Driver's license record review, when required, with acceptable results

  18. High School diploma or GED required

  19. Maintain a neat and orderly appearance while at work/representing the CCCoA

  20. Strong interpersonal and communications skills

  21. Operational/management flexibility

  22. Ability to type, file and maintain filing system and required records/reports

  23. Strong computer literacy

  24. Excellent organizational skills/abilities

  25. Strong customer relations skills with a pleasant personality over the phone in daily interaction with the public

  26. Undergo annual DOT physical examination, drug screen and TB test with acceptable results

  27. Demonstrated ability or experience in scheduling and/or dispatching vehicles for a transportation company a plus.

  28. OTHER
    The Secretary Dispatcher shall be covered by the Personnel Policies and Procedures of the Coles County Council on Aging. Rate of pay shall be commensurate with experience, job performance, responsibilities, and availability of funding.

Application Process
To apply mail, email, or fax resume to:
Deadline: Dec. 31, 2022
Address: 11021 E Co Rd 800 N
Charleston, IL 61920

Coles County is an Equal Opportunity Employer